Land Zones & Land Shares
Occupy is a near future world where companies gain dominance over governments and exert control in their zones of influence. These zones are titled after and connected to the real-world price action of popular companies such as Tesla (TSLA) or Microsoft (MSFT). The rewards opportunities NFTs, Scrap and Tokens (collectively - rewards) and gameplay are affected by which zone the mission takes place in and the real-world prices of the stocks and cryptos that the zones are connected to. Bull characters enjoy a higher caliber of enemies, greater quantity of opponents and additional mini-bosses in the PvE missions if the mission is located in a zone that is "up" in the market, allowing the Bull characters to earn more rewards. Bear characters enjoy these benefits if a land zone is down in the market. The Game Map overview allows players to see the entire world and how each zone is doing in the markets.

Occupying Land Shares

Land zones are made up of "Land Shares" which can be "Occupied" by either the Bull or Bear faction in the Ranked PvP mode. After a PvP victory, aside from $OWT and $OWS tokens, players are awarded Faction Points, which can be applied towards a land share. To occupy a land share the Bull or Bear faction has to apply enough faction points to reach the point threshold. If the land share is located near other land shares occupied by your faction, the points threshold is lower for that faction. Once a faction occupies 51% of a land zone, the entire zone is considered "occupied" by that faction. All players who participated in the effort, applying their faction points, receive token rewards commensurate with the amount of faction points they contributed. All players also receive a special blueprint to craft an item relating to the land zone that has been occupied, for example "Tesla Flamethrower".
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