Social Channels
Each land zone will have a dedicated social channel for player to engage each other, share their market knowledge and gamify the market sentiment tool. 1. Players can leave comments expressing their thoughts on the asset to which the social channel is dedicated to. 2. Send direct message to one another and create groups 3. Set a "Bearish" or "Bullish" sentiment that is tracked in the same way as buying an asset. As the underlying asset moves accordingly to a player's sentiment, they advance in ranking. If the asset moves against the player, the ranking is decreased. 4. Sentiment Token Rewards: Any "gains" in the making correct sentiments are rewarded with a small token ($OWT) reward commensurate with the performance of the prediction. Incorrect sentiments have no adverse effect. This is a mechanic to reward players for adding their voice to the community.
5. Sentiment NFT Rewards: The most impactful benefit of making correct sentiments is the ability to mint special Weapons / Skill / Armor NFTs reserved for those player at the top of the sentiment predictions leaderboard.
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