Skills as NFTs

OWS offers a unique approach to equipping character skills. Every skill is an NFT that can be found or won in the game and is fully exchangeable, with no level limits or caps.
Limits are only applied for faction skills, as some skills can only be used by Bulls or Bears.
Players can equip 3 skills at a time.
Skill NFTs Available on Launch Day
The following Skill NFTs will be usable on launch day onwards:

The Bag Holder

Trained in the art of carrying heavy things for others since childhood, mainly the belongings of an unreciprocated target of his affections, the Bag Holder has since grown and transferred his experience to the Bag Holding of Stocks & Cryptocurrency.
Utility: Grants the Immune to Debuff status + 20% resistance to damage for 15s. Cooldown: TBD

The 99%

The many against the few. Strength in numbers is the oldest tactic of human combat.
Utility: Make 5 clones of the caster that will target the nearest enemy. Last 5 second. CoolDown: TBD

Diamond Hands

Not really the brightest. Will hold on without fail through bull and bear markets alike. Highly effective under the right circumstances.
Utility: Super Punch that damages everything in front of it Cooldown:TBD

Paper Hands

Known for selling at the first sign of market movement, paper hands exist in a state of fear.
Utility: Zone debuff, increases the chances the targeted users will miss. Cooldown: TBD


Every decision I make leads to profits, even that of my enemy’s. A paradox, yet it is.
Utility: Heal you and everyone around you in a XXm radius, including your enemies.

The Rocket

Unstoppable force while the fuel lasts, beware of asteroids or get rekt.
Utility: Grant a Dash in the direction of the pointer, enemies get knocked on hit. The user gets knocked if in contact of an obstacle. Cooldown: TBD.

The Whale

Sure it’s nice to be a whale with deep pockets, but do you really want all eyes on you every moment of your life, with degens following you everywhere, including the public restroom?
Utility: Damage dealt to your nearby allies are redirected to you, you become the focus. Duration: 5sec. Cooldown: TBD


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