Gameplay Loop

Player vs Enemy (PvE)

Players battle & complete missions in a dynamically generated environment ("Dungeons" in gaming terms) and earn tokens & NFTs upon completion of the missions.
PvE (Player vs Enemy) 1. Complete Missions that take roughly 10 minutes, earning Experience Points (XP) to level your character and increase stats. Total number of missions per day is capped per character. 2. Certain Level Ranges are requiredMissions are specific to certain character level ranges. 3. Earn $OWT token rewards by successfully completing PvE missions. Token rewards are only available on the first mission within a 24hr period. Token rewards are not guaranteed to all players as the total supply has a daily cap, determined by the amount of active players in the game within the past 48hrs. 4. Earn NFT and "Scrap" drops by defeating NPCs in PvE missions. NFTs dropped can be equipment (Weapons and Armor) or skill NFTs. Scrap is a term for the underlying material that makes up NFTs. 5. Repair your equipment (Weapons and Armor) using $OWT tokens and scrap. Once your equipment falls below certain durability levels, it cannot be used.

Player vs Player (PvP)

  1. 1.
    PvP Battles where bulls face off against Bears in Casual and Ranked 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 battles. Ranked PvP battles have a daily cap for each character.
  2. 2.
    $OWT Token Rewards are guaranteed with every victory. A reward curve is used, awarding higher amounts of tokens to higher level characters after a PvP victory. Each character has a total cap on daily battles.
  3. 3.
    Ranked and Casual Casual PvP does not confer token rewards and does not affect MMR ranking. Ranked PvP affects MMR and allows for token rewards. MMR Ranking is used by the matchmaking system when queueing for PvP matches.
  4. 4.
    Tournaments with cash prizes, to be hosted as casted events at the end of a PvP Season.
  5. 5.
    Occupy Land Shares by earning faction points for winning PvP matches and applying them to a Land Share, eventually occupying it and claiming it for your faction.

Mission Types

PvE Mission Types

Missions are instances in the game where users fight each other (PvP) or against the computer (PvE). They are procedurally generated, resulting in different layouts between each instance. The dungeons are composed of rooms and always have a starting and ending section.
Different procedural algorithms exist for this. We are employing the two types below. The objective is to have a maximum of rooms generated, with some being dead ends and the rest leading to the objective. This ensures that users will not have a repetitive experience and stymies the efforts of cheaters / bots.
Example 1: Random Rooms and Random Points Connect
This algorithm places random rooms on the map/grid then attempts to connect them.
Every dungeon has a final objective that needs to be completed in order to end the instance.
Here are the three common types for PvE:
  • Annihilate the enemy (Players need to clear all the rooms and head to an exit)
  • Capture the flag/Find the items (Players need to find the required item & bring it at the end)
  • Defend an objective against waves of enemies
The dungeons should be quick to finish (5-15 min max).
PvE dungeons will have two modes: Normal & Degen.
The Degen mode will be equivalent to the usual Hardcore/Most difficult mode but will yield more rewards in exchange.
The Degen Mode:
  • It will be Harder (Enemies will hit harder and be harder to kill)
  • The character will lose XP points upon death, resulting in a potential level down.
  • It will yield more rewards and an increase drop rates.
Regardless of the difficulty chosen, enemies & drop rates are influenced by the real world market fluctuations. By using we are able to get a continuous flow of market data (prices) and compute an average % of gain/loss for a specific crypto/index (for example: BTC/ETH/SOL) and this for the previous hour.
Two cases:
If the performance was negative (example -5%), the enemy difficulty will increase, while the drop rates will also increase.
If the performance was positive (example +5%), the enemy difficulty will decrease, while the drop rates will also decrease.
Dungeons will follow the high risk/high reward logic that is a theme in the OWS metaverse.

PvP dungeon types

In this mode the map will be open and not segmented by rooms.
The base mode will be a competitive deathmatch where the team with the most kills/frags wins the game.
The PvP mode will be only be available after reaching level 5.

Data Persistence

Levels & Stats will persist on the NFTs, the metadata will be updated to reflect the new states.
A new user could purchase a max level character from the secondary market, or one could make it a revenue stream to level up characters to sell them for profit.

PvE Missions/Quests

The game is meant to be a metaverse representation, or altered mirror of the real world. For this reason quests and events are closely tied to real world events.
Note: Quests may be faction-specific
Example 1: A quest based on the covid vaccine
Mission Setting: Pfizer Laboratory
Background: A new vaccine is being engineered by Pfizer to combat the Helios variant Bull Goal: Defend the vaccine blueprint against a wave of enemies for XX min
Bear Goal: Reach the blueprint and destroy it.
Example 2: An executive with sensitive insider information needs to be retrieved.
Mission Setting: Security Zone in Lower Manhattan, 60th Floor with massive hedge fund backed security
Bull Goal: Reach the executive and make him produce the information Bear Goal: Reach the executive, then throw him out of a window.
Most of the missions will auto adjust the difficulty level based on the character level & real life market prices, making them playable multiple times.
Some missions have a minimum level required and grant bigger rewards (Weekly missions, Big events etc...)


Social Gaming

Each Land Zone has its own social channel for users to express their opinions on that stock or cryptocurrency with comments and sentiment statuses. This social process allows users to decide which land zones to migrate to. Players receive tokens for making Bullish or Bearish sentiments if they turn out to be accurate 24hrs later, incentivizing discussion and rewarding market awareness. Bear and Bull factions have their own dedicated channels to plot against each other in domination of the land zones!