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Balanced Free to Play
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    UNVESTED - Free-to-Play (F2P) characters that anyone can mint, paying only the mint fee. These Free-to-Play characters allow for frictionless onboarding of new players into the Occupy ecosystem.
These characters are not able to level their character up past Lvl 10, which limits them while providing enough time to experience a meaningful part of the storyline. Unvested players also cannot access the marketplace to sell any loot that they earn in single player. In general, all missions have a diminishing return in NFT drops for all types of characters to prevent PvE mission farming.
Unvested players can battle in PvP and earn token rewards, however as there is a reward curve which gives higher token rewards to higher level characters, the amount of tokens is lower than what most players would earn in their journey to level up their characters.
Also, all characters have a total cap on how many PvP battles they can have per day, including unvested characters.
There is a limit of 1 Bull and 1 Bear character per account, with multiple accounts resulting in a ban. 2. VESTED - Players can pay a fee (roughly equal to 1 SOL) to β€œVest” their characters, unlocking the leveling feature. Vesting fees go into the Occupy ecosystem fund to be used for Tournament Prizes, Buy & Burn and other game support.
3. GENESIS - 5k Bulls and 5k Bears will be minted by holders of the Genesis Game Pass NFT. These characters are similar to Vested characters in every way except that they earn 20% additional token rewards and have access to exclusive skill NFTs that drop once per PvP season.
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