OccupyWallStreet (OWS) is a first of its kind game set in the near future where weakened governments have ceded control to companies and technological juggernauts that exert their own power in various zones of influence. The world Occupy highlights the challenges the world will likely face in the next few decades in a satirical storyline. Eco-terrorists downing commercial jet travel and container transports, heat waves that kill tens of millions, mass hunger, AI blockchain-based governance attempts all meld together in a vision of the future captures the imagination and is distinctively compelling.
OWS is continuously connected to market conditions in the real world. Each company's zone of influence is affected by the market fluctuations of its ticker. Single player missions are different each time you play them as market conditions change. Players are met with different enemies, abilities and mini-bosses depending upon the market performance of the zone's ticker.
OWS is built on the Solana blockchain. This blockchain has proven to be an industry leader in speed & low cost of transactions. In addition, it provides for a robust system that allows one to build "programs" in Rust.
Building on Solana & Rust means:
  • Access to a larger available pool of experienced developers (compared to Solidity)
  • Powerful & safe syntax
  • Ability to build fast in-game trading, game logic system without going fully off-chain. Some parts will need to be handled off-chain but having the ability to leverage an existing & powerful infrastructure will make things interesting.
  • Low transaction fees: Great to have a frictionless gaming environment for the users (Low transaction fees results in more in-game interactions)
  • Impressive potential for in-game NFTs: the ability to distribute, create and even modify the NFTs, such as adding skills to a character, using Serum to create NFT markets and other applications
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