Character Stats
Every character has a base set of statistics starting at the same numbers:
- Attack (Total damage range character can deal, excluding Critical Strike) - Health (This determines how much hits points/damage the character can take before dying)
- Defense (This determines how much the character can reduce incoming damages)
- Critical Strike % (This determines the probability a character can deal additional damage)
- Stamina (This determines how long a user can run/dash/roll)
These stats can be increased by levelling up the character or by equipping gear. By spending points in Derived Stats, the main stats can be increased.
- Vitality
- Resistance
- Agility
- Luck
Health formula: Base level * (1.01) ^ Vitality * BASE_HEALTH
Defence Formula: Base level * (1.01) ^ Resistance * BASE_DEFENCE
Critical Strike Percentage: Luck * 0.25 + 1
Stamina: BASE_STAMINA * (1.0.1) ^ Agility
BASE_DEFENSE = The starting defense metric for every character BASE_HEALTH = The starting health metric for every character
BASE_STAMINA = The starting stamina metric for every character
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